Ivan Clutterbuck, a prolific writer and commentator, now writes his column `Fr Ivan writes…’ from his desk in the College of St Barnabas. He hopes through his writing to encourage a deeper study of the Bible by both the clergy and laity.

Simon Ellis is a priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

James Hill CMP is the Parish Priest of St Benet Fink, Tottenham in north London.

Stephen Keeble is the Vicar of the parish of St George Headstone, Harrow. St George’s is a corporate member of both Forward in Faith and The Prayer Book Society.

Alex Lane CMP trained for the priesthood at the College of the Resurrection Mirfield, and is the Vicar of the Benefice of Hunslet and Cross Green in Leeds. He has been a full member of the company since 2008 and is the Company’s Webmaster.

Mark McIntyre CMP, parish priest of St Gabriel’s Church Walsall, Sub-Warden for CMP Midlands Region, and member of the Company for 14 years.

Philip North CMP is the Team Rector of the St Pancras Team Ministry.

Robin Ward is the Principal of St Stephen’s House, Oxford.

It is never too young to learn about what it means to be a Bishop: here we see a youngster in the parish of St Helen’s Athersley showing he has learnt why the Bishop of Pontefract’s mitre is shaped like a tongue of fire. ND