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From the Vicar of Staincli~e

Thank you for your kind notice regarding the new website of the Missionary Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda Wakefield Branch. Any of your readers visiting the diocese or interested in learning more may wish to visit our website which can be found at the following address:

Fr Anthony Howe vicar@staincliffe.co.uk

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From Revd David Craven

Given the Church of England’s continuing departure from orthodox Christian beliefs in many areas, may I encourage all readers of New Directions to join both Forward in Faith and Reform. As a member of both organisations since my ordination some five years ago now I have been encouraging folk from both ends of the theological spectrum to show solidarity in the face or the aggressive tide of liberalism within the Church. To my mind the two vehicles that defend the cause most clearly and allow this mutual coming together are Forward in Faith and Reform and I would be pleased to hear of any readers who take up my suggestion. Of course there are some differences between the two, but on the important issues of human sexuality, women’s ministry and the uniqueness of Christ there is very little that separates us. May we therefore stand shoulder to shoulder, and to quote the strap line on the cover of New Directions, together let’s ‘seek to renew the Church in the historic faith’.

David Craven dacraven@hotmail.com

Not in my name

From Councillor Carrington-Wilde

I have been a member of the Labour Party since 1987 and I serve as an elected District Councillor. As such you will never hear me support inequality, you will however hear me defend the Church of England against secular political correctness because the church founded by Jesus holds firm to the belief that all its members are already equal in the sight of the one who truly counts, God. Equality does not mean that all can be ordained, equality means we must all play our part in the body of Christ. Our goal is not to say ‘look at what I am’ or ‘look at what I am doing’ but the salvation of souls. The Church cannot, as Mr Field seems to think, be ruled by secular political correctness but by the laws of God.

Robin Carrington -Wilde

Worksop, S80 1UF

Time for a festal

From Mrs Petra Robinson

Those of us who attended our movement’s great festivals of the past few years could probably all do with cheering up. We all loved travelling to attend Christ Our Future and Stand Up for Jesus! and who can forget the joy and the hope of Forward in Hope!? Surely the time has come for another festival and another rally if only to prove to the Church of England that we are still here! Surely we could fill an arena and recall the Church of England to her Catholic heritage.

Petra Robinson


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