From Dr Harry Donnelly

As a lifelong Anglican now preparing to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church within the Ordinariate I am deeply saddened by the opinions expressed in Major Wilson’s letter.

I knew many who left the Church in the 1990’s and it is unfair to suggest that they should have acted contrary to their conscience, to do so would be to lose one’s integrity and I know for many it was a hard and painful decision to make.

It is simply untrue to suggest that the “mess in which we find ourselves today is due to these people scuttling off to Rome”, the causes lie very much elsewhere and I and many others did indeed stay to fight our corner until it became clear that the battle was lost.

Does the Major now suggest that I should act against my conscience and accept what is now for me an untenable position? From the start it has always been the hope that we who our leaving and those who are staying should part as friends, a sentiment sadly lacking in this letter. I pray for the mission of the Society of Ss Wilfred and Hilda just as I hope that those remaining in the Church of England will pray for us in the Ordinariate.

Dr Harry Donnelly

Kenley, Surrey

From Mr Anthony Stephenson

It must be a difficult job, but you do seem to be keeping a balance of articles both for and against the Ordinariate. Me, I would like more in favour or even a bit critical, but I guess others see it the other way round. So it was with real disappointment that I opened the April issue to find no Ed Tomlinson.

I always enjoyed his trenchant opinions and criticism, and had presumed he would continue writing after leaving the CofE, telling us about his progress through the various stages of the first wave of Ordinariate members, sharing the joys and problems along the way. Amusing, robust, young, orthodox, Anglican and Catholic, he was someone who could share the ups and downs of these turbulent times. If he has not been ordered to shake the dust off his shoes at his former friends, do try to tempt him back. His readers want him.

Anthony Stephenson