Witnessing the entente frugale whereby our Navy has to share its remainíng pedalo with France in return for a squat on a porte avions I wondered if this was Nelson’s ‘I see no ships’ updated.

Two glasses of vin du pays later (recession, remember?) Francophilia overcame EU-phobia. If ‘rosbifs’ and ‘Frogs’ could reach accord in the interestof mutual defence, could those even greater foes, WATCH and FinF, reach an accord? After all, Waterloo was but a mild tiff compared to the hostility between the ‘misogynists’ and ‘Fascists’ (ecclesiastical insults equalling ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’ and ‘perfidious Albion’)

The piece of paper that Chamberlain (sorry Cameron) flourished at the entente signing proclaimed that although we would work together with the French for mutual defence, each country maintained her own sovereignty. In other words, the Free Province solution. Forward in Faith beat you to it, Dave and Sarko.

What threatens both women bishops embracing Canterbury, and also rejectionist Gordon Square? Firstly the secularism condemned by Pope Benedict, and more forceful still, Islam. Without the imams converting a soul, demography could make England Islamic by 2050.

A small victory if WATCH obtain women bishops giving no concessions to traditionalists if, within two generations, they themselves have to concede to shariah law. O.T.T. for Bishop John to call Synod liberals ‘fascists’ when that could be more accurately applied to any ‘diversity’ duce who helps secularism advance.

Economic disaster produced Franco-British militaryco-operation. Impending spiritual disaster could produce an ecclesiastical accord, whereby majority and minority recognise each others areas of sovereignty, and unite in mission. Problem solved. Time for another glass.

Alan Edwards