1061 and all that!

There can be few images of devotion that mean
more to Catholics in England than that of Our Lady of Walsingham. Our Lady holds on her knee the infant Jesus as if showing him to the waiting world. We are all called to imitate Our Lady in our own lives: by saying ‘Yes!’ to God and by showing Jesus to the world in our own actions.

We must never forget that Our Lady calls us into deeper relationship with her son each and every day. This year marks the 950th Anniversary of the building of the first Holy House. To mark this year we should all seek out images of Our Lady of Walsingham. Perhaps your parish as a Cell of the Holy House or an image you can have displayed more prominently?

Find an image of Our Lady of Walsingham and display it in your home to let people know the love God has shown in your life. You might even wear the new commemorative pilgrims’ badge. The Shrine at Walsingham is planning a series of events to mark the anniversary. The first of these will take place at St Albans Abbey on Saturday 5th March beginning with Mass at 11am.

Other events will include the National Pilgrimage on the 30th May a Youth Walk from London to Walsingham as well as the ever popular Youth Pilgrimage. Let us all vow to make this year Our Lady’s Year and celebrate our faith and our love for her!

Photos: Sections of the ‘Forward in Faith’ window in the Milner Wing in the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham