After the debate in the General Synod Reform, Forward in Faith and the Catholic Group in Synod issued the following statements

Forward in Faith is disappointed that the General Synod today resolved to adjourn the debate on final approval of the draft Measure to permit women to be ordained as bishops in order to give the House of Bishops an opportunity to rethink its recent amendments to the Measure. We call upon the House of Bishops to stand firm in the face of this unwarranted pressure and to return the draft Measure to the Synod in a form which will provide for the future of traditional Catholics and conservative Evangelicals in line with the clearly expressed mind of the Synod throughout this morning’s debate.

The Catholic Group in Synod

The Catholic Group regrets the decision to send the Women Bishops amendments back to the House of Bishops. This calls into question the commitment of the Church of England to provide for the religious convictions of all her loyal members. On behalf of the thousands of AngloCatholics and their supporters within the Church, we are keen to

be part of consultations to enable the legislation to move forward. It remains our hope that the House of Bishops can come back to Synod with a form of words around which everyone in the Church of England can unite. We commit ourselves to playing a full part in the process of achieving good legislation and believe that the Church will thus be stronger and better together in its mission and service to the Nation.


The Rev’d Rod Thomas, chairman of Reform, said: “We stand ready to co-operate to find a solution if there is a genuine desire to see a permanent place secured within the Church of England for those who on theological grounds cannot accept women as bishops.” ND