Fr Nicolas Stebbing CR is a member of the Community of the Resurrection Mirfield. If you wish to support his work and the work of the Church in Zimbabwe you can contact him through the website of the Community of the Resurrection.

We heartily recommend Dr Robert Beaken’s new book Cosmo Lang: Archbishop in War and Crisis.

Dr Trevor Jones is the parish priest of St Peter’s, London Docks. We offer him our heartiest congratulations on the receipt of his doctorate.

Christopher Trundle is the assistant curate in the parish of St Gabriel, Pimlico. On the first Sunday of each month a choir of young men and women sing Evensong and Benediction in the church. We encourage those of you who find yourself in London to support this service. More details can be found at

Heidi Cooper SCL writes from Mansfield and worships in the parish of Worksop Priory.

Paul Cartwright is the parish priest of St Peter’s, Barnsley and a member of the General Synod. Readers will want to join with us in thanking him and all members of the Catholic Group for their work on our behalf. We also extend our thanks to our Evangelical brothers and sisters in the Synod.

Canon John Herve is the parish priest of St Agatha with St Barnabas, Birmingham.

Ian McCormack continues to review books in West Yorkshire and we offer him our congratulations on his appointment as parish priest to the parish of St Luke’s, Grimethorpe with St Paul’s, Brierley.

Philip Corbett edits this journal amidst the books of the library at Pusey House, Oxford.

Elise Gallagher will celebrate Christmas in Walsingham.

The Editorial Board wish you all an happy and holy Christmass ND