Anglo-Catholic Socialism

From Mr Kenneth Powell

Julian Mann says that Britain is governed by ‘socially Marxist political correctness’ – is this a description of the Tory/LibDem coalition? His rant reeks of the neo-liberal American right – he is broadly in favour of making the rich richer.

The appearance of this piece in your pages is distressing, suggesting that the liberal view that Anglo-Catholics are all dyed in the wool Tories is correct. I for one welcome the criticisms of capitalism made by Rowan Williams and other bishops – and by the present Pope and his predecessor. Mann should not forget that there is a fine Anglo- Catholic tradition of social radicalism, as reflected in the life and work of Conrad Noel, Percy Dearmer, William Temple, Gresham Kirby and others. Indeed, it is the decline of this strand of thought that has contributed to the increasing marginalization of the Catholic tradition in the Church of England.

Kenneth Powell

Working together

From Mr John Robinson

In the coming months it is going to be very important that we work together. We face an uncertain future but not singing from the same hymn-sheet is the worst possible thing that could happen.

Our bishops and societies need to get together and to work together so that we can respond to the July Synod with a clear message. We need to remain focused on the faith we love and the faith that sustains our lives so that we can build up the kingdom of God.

John Robinson
Sunderland, SR2 7HQ

Casting the first stone

From Mrs Petra Robinson

I have been shocked reading in the media the tone that has been taken by some who would like to see women consecrated to the episcopate. In the past a charge levelled at our constituency was that it was bitter and rude. Let us all work to ensure that that cannot be said in these days. Whilst our critics and opponents may wish to promote hurtful and offensive material let us be the ones who calmly proclaim the Gospel and speak in love and charity to our brothers and sisters. We have a duty to be courteous and not to bring the Church of God into disrepute.

Petra Robinson

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