Looking forward

From Canon Stephen Jones

The undoubtedly positive piece by Philip North (‘Looking to the future’, ND July) sets forth very clearly what our attitude and disposition towards what these days we call ‘provision’ should be. He reminds us that such provision ‘is worthless…if it is about no more than creating a safe haven’ for ourselves. Fr North says that such provision should be a springboard to a renewed engagement with the wider Church and with the world.

I’m sure that we all agree with this, even though, as Fr North says, some of our recent witness has been characterised by a lack of confidence and a disinclination to engage more widely. But I would have liked him to help us to imagine what our attitude and disposition should be if and when this provision is not forthcoming. How then might we model some kind of Anglican future? If we set this question aside, as the piece seems to do, I fear we might be accused of being in denial.

The Revd Canon Stephen Jones
30 North Road, Carnforth
Lancashire LA5 9LJ

Mind your language

From the Revd Matthew Ineson

I write concerning a recent article in 30DAys regarding the House of Bishops Amendments to the women bishops legislation. The article noted the reaction from WATCH and finished with a New Direction editorial comment as follows:

‘Whatever the shortcomings of the legislation in its present form, the knowledge that WATCH is pissed off always puts a smile on the face of30Days!’

I have since the very beginning supported Forward in Faith and its aims and objectives in so far as much as it seeks to do God’s will. I have done this as a layman, in Theological College and throughout my life as a priest. And anyone who knows me will know that I am not a prude in any way but I am appalled that what claims to be a sincere church publication resorts to such language as this. I would also like to point out that it is most certainly not my (nor I suspect the majority of Christians’) intention ever to p*** off WATCH or anybody.

We are all seeking to discover God’s truth in this and many other aspects of ministry and life and that is the whole exercise of all deliberations, debates and discussions. We are not here to upset people especially by using the language of the gutter. I am sure that whoever wrote this disgraceful comment would soon be jumping up and down in protest had WATCH or anybody else said the same thing about traditionalists. It is a disgrace.

Fr Matthew Ineson

Holy Trinity Vicarage.
2 Vicarage Close,
Dalton Parva Rotherham S65 3QL

We are Better Together

From the Revd Geoffrey Squire

When I first heard about the ‘Better Together Campaign’ from Anglican-Catholic sources, I was puzzled as to why traditionalist Anglican Catholics

were urged to get involved with a political campaign to stop Scotland leaving the UK. All was answered when I realised that this ‘Better Together Campaign’ was different than the one of the same name that I had just been reading about.

The first time I saw the poster for ‘our’ Better Together Campaign (as on page 5 of July’s New Directions) was on the notice board of the church of liberal evangelical persuasion with a lady vicar. That is surely a good thing as the ‘Better Together Campaign’ will be far more likely to succeed if it is owned and promoted by those of any and every Anglican tradition.

Fr Geoffrey Squire

Little Cross,
Northleigh Hill,
Barnstaple EX32 7NR

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