From Brother Steven CR

Readers of New Directions might be interested to know that a reprint of ‘Called by God’ by Raymond Raynes CR is available through the Additional Curates Society as part of the series of Tufton Tracts (the publishing wing of the Church Union). This is an excellent booklet on what it means to be a priest and a valuable resource for men exploring a priestly vocation.

The American Church Union has a reprint of ‘Mirfield Essays in Christian Belief’ – written by brethren of the Community of the Resurrection. Another book published by the American Church Union and written by Raymond Raynes CR, ‘The Faith – Instructions on the Christian Faith’ was reviewed by Father Ian McCormack SSC in the August edition of New Directions.

All of the above can be ordered through the office of Mirfield Publications, House of the Resurrection, Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 0BN.
Steven CR
House of the Resurrection, Mirfield
West Yorkshire WF14 0BN

From Mrs Ann Corbett

I am shocked and appalled that whilst the House of Bishops is willing to allow senior women clergy to join their number they are not willing to allow the voice or ordinary lay women to be heard. If it is no longer a House simply for bishops then surely our voices should be heard?

Lay women and indeed many permanent women deacons hold to the traditional teaching of the church. Women hold positions of authority as churchwardens and lay leaders in our church as well as in religious communities and as deacons. The House of Bishops and the senior women clergy have shown a remarkable clericalism in this decision. It seems to be a case of women are welcome but only if we like what you say!
Ann Corbett

Bad news
From Mr Jonathan Hithe
If the ordination of women as bishops is “bad news” for members of Forward in Faith, it is bad news for all Christians in this land. It is bad news for all Anglicans that our relationships with other Churches in the apostolic tradition will be further damaged: and of course it is very bad news for those men invalidly ordained by women bishops, and for those young people invalidly confirmed by them.

Not only ought we to declare our opposition to women becoming bishops on grounds of principle, we ought also to do so on pragmatic grounds. Anything less leaves us open to the charge of promoting a ghetto – of being seen to say that we are happy for the rest of the Church of England to go forward in error so long as the purity of our corner of the Church is preserved. Why would other Anglicans wish to support us in this?

We must speak the truth in love, and we must unfailingly declare to the Church that the ordination of women as bishops is bad news for all.
Jonathan Hithe

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