Wind power

You can’t see it but you can often feel it. There are times when it is right in your face. Sometimes its effect is extraordinary and superhuman in its power. I am talking about the wind but I could be talking about God. As I think aloud I bring to mind a parishioner’s conservatory roof blown off the other week and my own recent blustery holiday when, despite sunshine, wind chill kept us sometimes off the beach.

We make plans round the invisible reality of moving air so that our nation’s electricity is more and more dependent on wind. With God we make plans. He too is invisible, though not slow to make his presence felt as we eat Bread and Wine, read the Bible or see him answer prayer.

You cannot see God and you cannot see the wind. Both are powerful and not easy to reckon with.

Our God is an awesome God who does not just take our breath away but reaches right inside of us to touch the centre of our being. There he blows away our fabrications and fans the flame of his Spirit to melt our pride and warm our hearts with his love.

The wind has no power over what has got deep and solid foundations. God has ‘manacled’ death, the greatest power that challenges us, by Christ’s resurrection so those who are his remain protected in his love at their last hour.

Here in the Easter mystery God shows his greatest power, far beyond that of the wind, for ‘there is nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’

Amen. So be it!

John Twisleton

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