Thank you

From Mr Colin NibLett

I would like to express, through the pages of New Directions, my gratitude to those that contributed to a leaving gift for me, which I received into my account recently.

I would further like to thank members for the many emails, messages and cards I have received since my leaving Forward in Faith and following the major spinal surgery I underwent shortly after leaving.

I am very sorry to have had to leave and it had been my pleasure to have served the Forward in Faith membership and parishes for the slightly over 14 years I was with FiF and, coupled with my employment with the Church Union before that, my 20 years of service to the Catholic Movement.

With my prayers and best wishes,

Colin Niblett
Greenwich, London


From the Revd Jonathan Frais

Thank you for Aidan Mayoss’ words on `Sowing the Seed’ (ND Sept). I enjoyed his inclusion of the plough but I wonder if the point is overstated that (in the biblical material) the explanation does not fit the parable’. True, the attention moves from the power of the seed to the response of the soil but the four case studies are present in both parable and interpretation. Might there be a deliberate re- orientation from a story for the crowd about growth and harvest to the response for explanation which challenges us to be receptive soil (and ready for a variety of results in our own seed-sowing)? Such a switch is aptly introduced by Christ’s use of Isaiah that many will be ‘ever hearing but never understanding’ (Matthew 13.14).

Revd Jonathan Frais