Deep into southern Warwickshire, Warmington’s ironstone church is on the edge of a hill overlooking the village – Edgehill, in fact. It is another hilltop church dedicated in honour of St Michael. Its core is 12th century but most of what you see dates from the early 14th century (1). There is some really good Victorian glass, but if you did not circumnavigate the church before entering, you may have missed the singular feature of the building, so go outside again. There is a two-storey vestry attached to the N side of the chancel (2), and that is not one of those Victorian additions, but one that dates from around 1340. The ground floor is the former chapel of St Thomas, one of those rare chapels that still retains its medieval mensa, built into the sill of the east window, flanked by its original piscina (3). Take the medieval stairway to the upstairs room, which was the living quarters of the priest; it is a vestry today but retains an old fireplace and a latrine (4), as well as a shuttered window commanding the High Altar (5).