Colin Podmore reports on recent and forthcoming developments

News from The Society

As previously reported, earlier this year the Forward in Faith Council asked the Council of Bishops of The Society to prepare some teaching and pastoral guidance about issues relating to communion and full communion. Successive drafts of the resulting statements were discussed with a small group of members of the Catholic Group in General Synod and the FiF Council, and then with the full Council of Forward in Faith (as the body that represents the clergy and laity of The Society). The Council of Bishops then finalized the texts.

The second statement appears in this issue of NEW DIRECTIONS. The statements are also available on the Society website ( and in a booklet entitled Communion, Catholicity and a Catholic Life.

A gatefold leaflet entitled Communion and Full Communion is also available. It points to the communion that we share with the rest of the Church of England, by virtue of our common baptism and common profession of the apostolic faith, and the full communion that The Society embodies, its parishes being in full communion with their Society bishop because they are able to receive the ministry of all whom he ordains.