Peace and unity of the CofE

Every evening since November 1992, when I say Night Prayer, I have prayed for the peace and unity of the Church of England. I thought the reports I have read of the Ordination of the Bishop of Burnley and the article by the Revd Dr Hannah Cleugh in the March edition of New Directions have been very encouraging. I wonder if I am beginning to receive an answer to my prayer, and whether there may be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Stuart Chillingworth
Woodford Green, Essex


From the Revd Stanley M. Evans


Oliver O’Donovan (New Directions, March) writes:

‘How…might a woman member of the House of Bishops view her position beside those who disbelieve the reality of her consecration? “The Holy Spirit led the Church to take this step…”’

On reading that I found myself asking, ‘Was it the Holy Spirit, or was it our adversary the devil deceiving the very elect?’

If it were the Holy Spirit, would He have stopped with two integrities, one able to accept the ordination and ministry of women, and the other (for theological reasons) not, with members of both being declared ‘faithful members of the Church of England’?

Would He not rather have continued labouring and praying until He had brought all to be of one mind in Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, as He did at the Council of Jerusalem in Acts XV?

Is that not what He is doing today?

Yours faithfully

Stanley Evans

Ramsgate, Kent