Audubon gets ready to relax


Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Readers of New Directions with good memories for terrible prose, or who only take it for these pages, might remember that my first gin review for this august publication was for Tanqueray 10, back in the days when my gin consumption was out of a love for the taste, rather than duty to my Editor. Alas, I was told not long afterwards, by a seminarian who looks like he enjoys a drink, that I’d written about the wrong Tanqueray, and that this gin named after the quasi-mystical Rangpur lime was worth my time. Wanting to be thorough in my investigations, and to give the public what they want and deserve, I have put a large amount of research into this month’s gin edition. I’m glad I did. Whilst the overtly citrus nature of this gin may not be to everyone’s taste, it gets a massive thumbs-up from this reviewer. Lovely fresh nose, with the lime not totally prominent but there nevertheless. It’s on the palate that the lime really sings though. It takes some of the juniper notes away, and will cut through your tonic as well, before fading away gently into a slightly less than blockbuster finish. You’ll want to put some lime in it as well, for vitamin C and to feel good about the fact that this bottle will disappear quickly. It makes for an interesting twist on a martini, although not quite to my own taste. But you’ll want to keep it for your G&T’s really.


Château de Berne Provence Rosé

The British summer is famous for its brevity, for beer gardens and for England cricket collapses. Summer 2017 is shaping up to be no different, with the possible exception of being even warmer than normal. My current location is far too hot, but I can’t for the life of me find my shorts. Someone, somewhere, is trying to teach me a lesson about being tidy. Yet even in the uncomfortably sweaty state in which I find myself, I’m pleased that already I know this summer won’t have been wasted for me. This was finally the year when I caught onto rosé wine. I mean I finally got it, understood the fuss, and whilst not an apostle, I’m certainly keen to discover more about it. That’s in no small part to this little gem, which I opened with friends whilst a splendid, and considerably more expensive bottle of claret was breathing. Fear not – this is no mere warm up act. From a well known producer in Provence, this is definitely worth some of your money. It’s bone dry, like all classic Provençal Rosé, and has a wonderful aroma of fresh red berries, backed with a touch of white pepper. Mid weight in the mouth, but with a wonderfully crisp finish, the only problem you might have with this is openly sharing it with your friends. It is redolent of Friday evenings or long Saturday lunches. I’d advise you to buy it by the case and always have one in your fridge door. At least until the weather turns.

Available at Waitrose at around £10.49 per 75cl bottle