From Mr G. M. Lyon




Andrew Gray rightly notes that the House of Bishops voted virtually unanimously in favour of ‘taking note’ of the report which re-affirmed the Church’s traditional teaching on marriage (May 2017). The vote in the House of Clergy, however, showed that the introduction of female priests has had a significant (and unreported) impact on the sexuality issue. The male clergy in Synod voted clearly in favour of ‘taking note’, but four-fifths of the female clergy voted against the report and thus defeated the motion.

Whilst Jesus (unlike Paul – 1 Cor. 6) might not have condemned homosexual acts explicitly, he clearly implied that such acts make the people who do them ‘unclean’. Jesus said ‘porneia’ (all ‘one-flesh’ acts outside of marriage as instituted by God) are sinful (Mark 10 and 7). Whilst his Church’s task is not to ‘stone’ sexual sinners of any sort, it is to help them to ‘sin no more’ (John 8), for everybody’s sake.

Could we not do more to say why we are for Christian marriage and sexual mores, even in the world’s terms, for example explaining why ‘Christian (i.e. marital) sex’ is (or would be) beneficial for mankind? Promoting Christian sex as the true ‘safe sex’ might be a way in to engaging with atheistic, liberal secular society.