Saul approves of stoning.  Crazed Hellenistic widows champion Stephen, received justice orthodox style after angering revered members of the Sanhedrin with a blasphemous tirade disputing the word of Moses himself.  The deluded Stephen, a recent convert to the Christian cult, was taken from the hearing after espousing remarks about a second coming and the demolition of the Temple.

At an unspecified location and having the approval of Saul of Tarsus, acting as a witness, local townsfolk administered the stoning of Stephenos, to give him his Greek name, from which he succumbed.  Even before he fell asleep however his idolatry of the man known as Jesus of Nazareth led him to emulate his forgiveness of those issuing his punishment.

A spokeswoman for the Jewish Elders stated that though the work that of arch deacon helping establish the needs of the Hellenistic community was admirable, the Sanhedrin cannot allow such talk to undermine the law given by divine word.  ‘We are not racist and feel everyone should be allowed to have their own thoughts on humanity but their widows and community are not our problem and why should we have to support them financially.

A spokesman for Saul said, ‘These Christian methods cannot be allowed to take root and this young man will do all in his power to resist such nonsense.