From Juliet Hole

In your April Editorial I note the phrase; ‘some of the parishes of the Society in your area.’ I do not know of any such parishes in my area. Long distance or unfamiliar town driving is no longer an option for me in any case.

There must be many individual members of Forward in Faith who in practice are entirely excluded from ‘our parishes’ set-up and receive no ministry from Forward in Faith clergy or have any interest taken in them.

If Forward in Faith still feels it has a role in the ‘wider church’, it could start by finding ways of making its ministry more widely available, so as to include those of its own members – who pay their subscriptions and support and pray for its work – who now find themselves isolated and maybe even excommunicated if they cannot access what they believe to be sacramental assurance. This matters: has anybody in Forward in Faith thought about it?

Janet Hole

Bayton, Nr Kidderminster