The following motion, moved by Fr Damian Feeney SSC and seconded by the Bishop of Wakefield (Chairman of Forward in Faith), was passed unanimously by the Assembly:

‘That this Assembly adopt the document ‘Forming Missionary Disciples’ as the mission strategy of Forward in Faith.’


A Mission Strategy for The Society

Led by the Holy Spirit and formed by the scriptures and the sacraments, our task as Catholic Anglicans is to draw all people to new life in Christ who is the Living Bread. Strongly committed to working with and within the Church of England, the Bishops, Priests and Parishes of the Society of St Wilfrid and St Hilda dedicate themselves afresh to the mission of God’s Church and in particular we will prioritise:


1 Forming God’s People

We will:

  1. a) Form all the baptised as missionary disciples through worship, prayer, the study of Scripture and pilgrimage
  2. b) Set laypeople free for witness and service in the world and the church and seek the renewal of the Religious Life
  3. c) Draw people from BAME backgrounds into leadership roles
  4. d) Produce new catechetical materials and a rule of life


2 Nurturing Young Disciples

We will:

  1. a) Call and train paid and volunteer youth and children’s leaders
  2. b) Better equip parishes for ministry to schools
  3. c) Teach the faith more effectively to the young through special services, events, pilgrimages and written materials
  4. d) Give young people a voice in the life of the Church and nurture them as leaders

3 Offering Excellence in Worship

We will:

  1. a) Encourage every local Church to assess its worshipping and devotional life
  2. b) Develop those who have a ministry as preachers
  3. c) Celebrate the beauty of holiness through music, art and sacred space


4 Celebrating Sacramental Priesthood

We will:

  1. a) Build confidence in the identity of the Church and the nature of priesthood
  2. b) Take active steps to foster priestly vocations
  3. c) Use teaching days, conferences and learning communities to encourage lifelong priestly formation


5 Being Intentional in Evangelism

We will:

  1. a) Support every parish in planning for growth
  2. b) Create in every local church a culture of invitation and warm hospitality
  3. c) Encourage evangelistic and teaching events
  4. d) Plant new Eucharistic communities


6 Serving the Common Good

We will:

  1. a) Be a prophetic voice for the poor and vulnerable
  2. b) Re-commit ourselves to service and proclamation in the most deprived parts of the country
  3. c) Protect the integrity of creation