Diocese Bishop Representative

Bath & Wells, Ebbsfleet, Revd Julian Laurence SSC

Birmingham, Ebbsfleet, Revd Philip Calvert SSC

Blackburn, Burnley, Revd Paul Benfield SSC

Bristol, Ebbsfleet, The Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Canterbury, Richborough, Revd Peter Harnden SSC

Carlisle, Beverley, Revd Paul Benfield SSC

Chelmsford, Richborough, Revd Martin Howse SSC

Chester, Beverley, Canon Ralph Powell SSC

Chichester, Chichester, Canon Mark Gilbert SSC

Coventry, Ebbsfleet, Revd Dexter Bracey

Derby, Ebbsfleet, Revd Stephen Jones                         

Durham, Beverley, Revd Paul Kennedy SSC

Ely, Richborough, Revd Adrian Ling CMP

Europe, Richborough, The Bishop of Richborough

Exeter, Ebbsfleet, Prebendary Will Hazlewood SSC

Revd Robin Eastoe SSC

Gloucester,  Ebbsfleet, The Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Guildford, Richborough, Revd Keith Hodges SSC

Hereford, Ebbsfleet, The Bishop of Ebbsfleet

Leeds, Wakefield, Canon Paul Cartwright SSC

Leicester, Richborough, Canon Philip O’Reilly SSC

Lichfield, Ebbsfleet, Preb. Mark McIntyre CMP SSC

Revd Damian Feeney SSC

Lincoln, Richborough, Revd Paul Noble SSC

Revd Edward Martin SSC

Liverpool, Beverley, Revd Ray Bridson

London, Fulham, Prebendary David Houlding SSC

Revd Christopher Smith SSC

Manchester, Beverley, Revd Graham Hollowood SSC

Newcastle, Beverley, Canon Adrian Hughes           

Norwich, Richborough, Revd Adrian Ling CMP

Oxford, Ebbsfleet, Revd David Harris

Peterborough, Richborough, Revd Oliver Coss SSC

Portsmouth, Richborough, Revd Roger Jackson SSC

Rochester, Richborough, Revd Clive Jones SSC

St Albans, Richborough, Revd Paul Bennett SSC

St Eds & Ipswich, Richborough, Revd Adrian Ling CMP

Salisbury, Ebbsfleet, Revd Richard Harper SSC

Sheffield, Beverley, Revd Carl Schaefer SSC

Sodor & Man, Beverley, Revd Tom Davis SSC

Southwark, Fulham, Canon Mark Nicholls SSC

Southwell & Nott, Beverley, Canon Nicolas Spicer SSC

Truro, Ebbsfleet, Prebendary Sam Philpott MBE SSC

Winchester, Richborough, Revd Adrian Pearce SSC

Worcester, Ebbsfleet, Revd Michael Bartlett SSC

York, Beverley, Revd Adam Gaunt SSC


The contact details for the Bishops’ Representatives may be found on the appropriate page on the Society website (www.sswsh.com/dioceses.php), by clicking on the name of the diocese.

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