A Hymn for the Unborn

(based on Matthew 25:40)


Begotten of His Love Divine

Before Creation’s dawn,

Let God’s own Son our hearts incline

To cherish the unborn.


For clothed like us, in human clay,

Of heav’nly glory shorn,

Th’eternal Word, incarnate, lay

In Mary’s womb, unborn.


‘Take heed’, said He, ‘that you forbear

These little ones to scorn-

Created by God’s will, to share

His image, though unborn.


For every artist, saint and sage,

Whose works His world adorn

With virtues each successive age,

Like him, were once unborn.


Eternal Son, Incarnate Word,

Thou Child of Christmas morn,

In mercy let our prayer be heard

For those as yet unborn!


This hymn can be sung to any Common Metre tune.

The author’s choice would be Walsall

(Ancient & Modern Revised 56; English Hymnal 13).