(‘the Master is here, and he is calling you.’)


And here in this place,

by ancient walls where praises rose by day, by night,

hard-packed ground trodden by countless pilgrims’ footsteps,

the Master still is here,

in what once was but simply bread,

now by the Spirit’s power and word of the Master

made Bread of Heaven, true presence of our God himself,

stooped down from on high ‘he graced this place of tears.’

Christ in our midst upon your altar throne:

Lord Jesus, hail;

Lord Jesus, welcome;

Lord Jesus, hear our cry.


Blessed are you, Lord Jesus Christ, true God and man,

who deign to come and dwell with us

in this most holy sacrament of the altar.

Blessed are you, Lord Jesus Christ, our great high priest,

whose sacred body and whose precious blood

are become food and drink for us,

sustenance on our pilgrim way to heaven’s height,

pledge and sure token

of a God who delights to dwell with every child and woman and man.

Magister adest. The Master—he is here.


Magister adest et vocat te.

The Master is here, and he is calling you.

Vocat te—giving you a vocation,

saying you are called not simply for your own salvation

but called and gifted, each and every one, no ‘get-out’ clause,

that others may come to acknowledge and to love

this God in our midst, enthroned upon the altar,

whom we worship and adore under the veil of earthly things,

just as one day we shall worship and adore him

perfectly, unceasingly, eternally

in company with saints and angels and all the redeemed

at that great banquet, the wedding feast of heaven.

Magister adest et vocat te.

The Master—he is here and he is calling you.

To him be honour and glory, world without end. Amen.


This devotion was used before the Blessed Sacrament during the Glastonbury

Pilgrimage 2018.