Unto Your Holy Altar


Intended for Communion and Eucharistic Adoration


Unto Your Holy Altar,

Sweet Jesus draw us near.

And, lest our footsteps wander,

We pray You hold us dear.

On paten and in chalice

Dear Jesus, manifest

Yourself, and to that palace

We come at Your behest.


The elements we offer,

The gifts of bread and wine,

Show forth upon the altar

The Christians who must die

With Christ our loving saviour

At every sacrifice.

When Blood Divine delivers;

Just souls return to life.


Before Your Blood and Body

We kneel in awe filled praise,

Beseeching grace and mercy;

Just anger to assuage.

Before You now we offer

Our lives and liberty,

Unto Your Blood and Body:

Sweet Jesus, Prince of Peace.


Suggested tunes:

O God of earth and altar (Kings Lyn)

The Churchs one foundation (Aurelia)


By Fr John Underhill SSC