Based on the Salve Regina 

For any Feast or Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Holy Mary, Queen of Heaven,

Hail our sweetness, hope and life.

Full of Grace and ever praying,

Mother of mercy, quench our strife.

We, with ardent tears outpouring,

Call you Blessed and hymn aright.


Turn we then to you, our Mother,

All our prayers, do not despise.

We Eve’s children, poor and banished,

To thy hands we lift our sighs.

From the vale of tears here dwelling

Unto thee, commit our cries.


Advocate of we poor exiles,

Turn thine eyes of mercy keen;

Show to us the Blesséd fruit

Of thy dear womb, O Christ our King.

Clement, Loving, Sweetest virgin

Let us more thy praises sing.



Suggested tunes:

Guide me O Thou great redeemer (Cwm Rhondda)

Of the Glorious Body telling (Pange Lingua)


Fr John Underhill SSC