From the Vice Chairman (Clerical) of Forward in Faith




Might I take this opportunity to correct one small but significant factual error in the Bishop of Burnley’s otherwise excellent and encouraging article (A Missioner to the Catholic Movement)? 

It is not true that The Society has a ‘tiny staff’. In fact, it has no staff at all. The bishops are paid by the Church Commissioners; all other staff associated with The Society are employed and paid by Forward in Faith and thus, legally, answerable to the trustees. 

 This is important for a number of reasons; but primarily in this context because by far the single biggest source of regular income for Forward in Faith is membership subscriptions. To put it simply, The Society could not function if it were not for the members of Forward in Faith. It is therefore vital to the future of the Catholic movement that membership of Forward in Faith remains steady or – pray God – increases. 

Might I therefore finally take this opportunity to urge all existing supporters of Forward in Faith to seek to recruit one new member? If they did so, the finances of Forward in Faith – and thus the efficacy of The Society – would be transformed. 

Yours sincerely,


Fr Ian McCormack SSC

Vice Chairman (Clerical) of Forward in Faith