Fergus Butler-Gallie offers a Christmas Quiz



  1. Give approximate dates for the Early Church from the options below:


  1. a) 33-100 AD
  2. b) 0-500 AD
  3. c) 2020- ? AD
  4. d) 8 am (BCP)


  1. If the price of a First Class Stamp is 76p- estimate the cost to the nearest talent/denarius of sending all of Paul’s letters today. (You may use Second Class Stamps for the Pastoral Epistles/Hebrews).


  1. Was Augustine a Hippo? (show your working)


  1. Distinguish between:


  1. a) Dionysius the Areopagite
  2. b) Pseudo-Dionysius
  3. c) Dionysius (Denis) of Paris
  4. d) Dennis (Dionysius) the Menace


  1. Why did Constantine shift?



  1. How was Gregory great? (Any diagrams should include angles, not angels)


  1. What reasons do we have to believe that The Venerable Bede was, in fact, an archdeacon? Demonstrate with reference to faculty applications, unsuccessful bids for Suffragan bishoprics, and the Clergy Discipline Measure.


  1. That the Church of England shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable’ Magna Carta, 1215. How’s that going?


  1. Produce Diocesan compliant risk assessments for:


  1. a) The Sicilian Vespers
  2. b) The Council of Constance
  3. c) The Black Death


  1. ‘Here I stand, I can do no other’ Martin Luther, 1521. Write a comprehensive list of activities you would be able to accomplish whilst on a Diet of Worms.



  1. Devise a chemical formula capable of dissolving a monastery from the ingredients below:





Hilary Mantel 


  1. Draw a line (very carefully) between Rome and Geneva.


  1. Draft PCC resolutions on the following:


  1. a) The Great Ejection
  2. b) The Great Awakening
  3. c) The Great British Bake Off
  4. d) Methodism


  1. As far as is possible whilst observing social distancing, perform an Oxford Movement.


  1. How would you doctor Pusey? Was John Henry’s New man? Whom did Charles Gore?



16 List the Articles of South Bank Show Religion (ALL 39 please)


  1. Why is tenure now common? (answer with reference to Burke’s Peerage and the Alternative Service Book)


  1. Estimate the needs of post service catering (to the nearest scotch egg) for the following:


  1. a) a Royal Wedding
  2. b) the General Synod
  3. c) a Fresh Expression
  4. d) an Anglican Realignment
  5. e) a Twitter storm
  6. f) the Rapture


  1. To be or HTB?’ Is that the question?


  1. What price Glory?


N.B. Do not at any time attempt to answer any of these questions without consulting your parish priest, churchwardens, deanery lay chair and/or the coffee rota.

Do not attempt to write on both sides of paper at once.

Remember: Wisdom dwells with prudence, and finds out the knowledge of witty inventions- so no funny business.

Keep the Faith, fear not amidst the shadow of death, and have a holy Advent and a very Happy Christmas.


Fr Fergus Butler-Gallie has been appointed Assistant Priest 

at Holy Trinity, Sloane Square.