Tread we the path  to Bethlehem


Intended for the Season of Advent


Tread we the path to Bethlehem

This penitential-tide,

And pray the Lord within our hearts

To evermore abide.

By Patriarchs, foreshadowed,

By Prophets, hope proclaimed,

By Baptist’s cry on Jordan’s bank,

The Lamb of God acclaimed.

The Word made Flesh among us,

Of tender Virgin born,

The Sun of our Salvation;

A bright and glorious morn.


Yet still we have to pilgrim

Unto that manger-throne,

To make that blesséd journey,

The trying path to own.

Through fasting, prayer and weeping,

Through longing for her Lord,

The Holy Church makes ready

To glorify, to laud.

Then we at last shall see Him,

In great humility,

And set aside the violet hues

For golden jubilee.


Suggested tune:

Thaxted (I vow to thee my country)


Fr John Underhill SSC