I was deeply upset to hear of the damage caused to my friend Fr Paul’s church by a group of people holding an illegal rave party. 

Apart from religious services, All Saints is also used as a vibrant centre for community activities and unless repairs can be speedily carried out the whole community will suffer. 

It is a sad reflection on British society that there are people who act without regard for other people or for property. Can you please show that you care by making a donation, however small, to put All Saints back on its feet again. 

Vandalism is a dreadful thing to happen at any time but to begin the New Year in such a way is disheartening. 

Let us not be defeated my this mindless behaviour. Together we can make sure that All Saints can soon be back ready to serve the community of East Horndon.

Let us make 2021 a Happy New Year for us all.

Terry Waite CBE