Paschal Joy,

Revealed Today

Based on Vidi Aquam and Ezekiel 47, intended for Paschaltide


Paschal joy, revealed today,

From the depth of time God nurtured,

Showing us the only way,

To the promised land He offers,



Saw we then, from temple flow

Waters from beneath the threshold

Out through northern gate to sow

Seeds of life to those in sorrow.



Flowing down with torrent strength,

This great mystic water flowing,

Was for virtuous lives; defence.

Our salvation there foreshad’wing.



See, this water was to be

But a foretaste of that water

Which, with blood, on Calvary

Shed from piecéd side for sinners.



Just as then the waters flowed,

Out of right of Christ and temple,

Now in sacraments behold

Christ’s outpouring grace continual.



Suggested tune:

Jesus lives! Thy terrors now (St Albinus)


Fr John Underhill SSC