This, the 302nd issue of New Directions, is Fr Philip Corbett’s last as Editor. Fr Philip took up the reins again (having served a previous stint in post) with the 262nd issue, back in July 2017. Forty issues and nearly four years later, it is only fair to allow Fr Philip to lay down his editorial pen and take a well-deserved rest from this particular duty, one less thing to worry about amidst the many tasks required of him in the exercise of a full and fruitful priestly ministry. 

Fr Philip has been an outstanding Editor. Under his oversight, New Directions has continued to appear regularly and on time, and to achieve that alone is no mean feat. The casual reader, the ordinary member of Forward in Faith, the bishop or member of General Synod, can have little idea of what is involved in bringing the magazine to birth each month: it does not happen by magic, nor is there much by way of practical assistance by the angels. But the real achievement has been in the quality of the publication: excellent writing, high production standards, eye-catching photographs; a journal of record but so much more – something every month to educate, something to stimulate, something to amuse. 

New Directions (and of course I declare an interest) is a phenomenon. Written and produced entirely by volunteers (with some essential professional support in the production engine room), it is almost taken for granted by many who read it. But really every issue is a minor miracle, and for the magazine to have persisted for 300 and more editions must be some sign of divine approbation. The continuation of that monthly miracle is, for 40 issues past, very largely down to Fr Philip’s commitment, flair, and hard work.

Fr Philip – thank you, from the Board, and from all our readers. You will be a very hard act to follow.

+Jonathan Fulham