Fr John Underhill SSC  offers new hymns from his own pen for the Liturgy of the Hours, with suggested well-known settings


Office of Readings

Within the watches of the night,

Dear Saviour let us keep the fight

Against the wiles of Satan’s boasts,

Supported by the heavenly host.


May shining torches our prayers be –

Reflecting Your sweet charity –

To ever seek Your Sacred Heart

Amid the shadows and the dark.


All laud and glory, Son of God,

Our light in darkness, Lord above,

Who with the Father we adore,

and Holy Spirit evermore.



Suggested tunes:

Breslau (Take up thy cross the Saviour said)

Herongate (It is a thing most wonderful)




O Lord we place into Your hands

Our duties on this new dawned day,

And pray that You may lighten us,

E’en as You draw night’s veil away.


Embolden us to consecrate

Our souls, minds, bodies, Lord to You.

That, guided by Your saintly host,

We may begin life’s day anew.


O God the Son, our Daystar bright

Accept our worship, laud, and praise,

And Father too, with Paraclete,

Be glory until end of days.



Suggested tunes:

Herongate (It is a thing most wonderful)

Winchester New (Ride on ride on in majesty)


Prayer during the Day

Dear Jesu bless our daily prayer,

As we, our labours, lay aside.

Refresh our weary limbs and minds

As we approach You; Font of Life.


Our Christian duty You impart

Afresh to us, at work or rest.

So, sought by grace, refreshed by life

We to Your Gospel e’er attest.


O Jesu lover of our souls,

Who give us strength to labour well,

With God the Father, glory be,

And Holy Spirit, equally.



Suggested tunes:

Eisenach (O love how deep how broad how high)

Wareham (Rejoice O land in God thy might)




As this day’s ending falls on us

Hear, gracious Lord, our twilight hymn.

For of your gifts are heat and frost,

Pray, let the evening peace begin.


Becalm our minds from fretfulness

As shadows stretch and darkness comes,

Enrich us with Your tenderness,

That we may pray, ‘Thy will be done.’


To Father, Son, and Spirit Blessed,

This eventide, may honour be

Your servants praise, Your saints attest,

From now into eternity.



Suggested tunes:

Brockham (Creator of the Starry Height)

Rockingham (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross)




The darkling shadows round us draw,

As we entrust our souls to You,

Set evil shades to flight, O Lord,

Preserve our hearts both pure and true.


About us set Your angels guard,

Who, in Your Name, tread down the foe.

Protect us from the devil’s barbs.

A blesséd peace on us bestow.


Laud we the Father, and the Son,

And Holy Spirit, by whose breath

Our strength for praise and labour comes,

To lie in peace and take our rest.


Suggested tunes:

Rockingham (When I Survey the Wondrous Cross)

Veni Creator Spiritus (Come Holy Ghost our Souls Inspire)



Fr John Underhill SSC