Ben Bradshaw introduces the 2022 Jubilee Year Events


On 6th July 1922, Fr Hope Patten, who had only been inducted as Vicar of Walsingham the previous year, set up the Image of Our Lady of Walsingham in the Guild Chapel of the Parish Church. With the Image of Our Lady restored, pilgrims soon began to return to Walsingham to spend time in its presence where they would ask Mary to join her prayers with theirs. On that great day, 100 years ago, the Shrine was restored – 384 years after it had initially been destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII. 

As pilgrim numbers continued to increase during the 1920s it soon became apparent that a Shrine Church and accommodation would also need to be built. In 1931, Fr Hope Patten had the Image of Our Lady translated from the Parish Church to the newly-built Holy House and Shrine Church, where it continues to stand to this day.

Here at Walsingham, we have several events planned in 2022 to mark the restoration of the Shrine including regional festivals at Exeter, Blackburn, and Durham. These festivals are wonderful opportunities for pilgrims, churches, and local groups to come together and it is also a chance for anyone who has not visited England’s Nazareth before to get a sense of what is offered at Walsingham.

This year pilgrims can also purchase a special commemorative jubilee badge; these cost £10 and are available from the Shrine Shop and online.

We will also be holding special events on 6th July to mark the actual 100th Anniversary Day. Please continue to check our website and social media platforms for the latest news and updates for all these events and much more.

Alongside our special centenary events we shall also be hosting our various well-established pilgrimages and retreats, dates for some of these can be found below as well as on our website.

2022 is set to be a very exciting and significant year in the life of the Shrine, therefore please do book your stay with us soon. Whether you are coming for one of the centenary events, on a pilgrimage with a group, or if you simply want to come away to a quiet place by yourself to pray, you can always be assured of a warm welcome at England’s very own Nazareth. Please pray for us, as we pray for you.


The Revd Ben Bradshaw SSC is the Shrine Priest at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.