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Stop dithering

David Nicholl insists there are no more reasons for delay over the women bishops’ issue There may still be a statistical possibility that any Measure introducing women bishops might not be carried with the necessary two-thirds majority in all three [...]

Priest idol straight

The Channel 4 programme ‘Priest Idol’ offended many by its cynicism We are grateful to David Nicholson for offering some corrections By now it is yesterday’s news. People will have formed their opinions from what they saw on the TV [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk wonders how long it might be before Christianity becomes a hate crime? How long before Christianity becomes a hate crime? You may well think that my question is preposterous – just the sort of alarmist talk you would [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on wisdom in serpents and doves St Basil (Feast: 2 January), when bishop of Caesarea, wrote in one of his letters to the bishops of the West in ad 372: ‘Our distresses are notorious…the doctrines of the Fathers [...]

Spinning aged yarns

Mark Stevens mocks the recent emergence of priests and inclusiveness as Anglican traditions Those who are familiar with the entertaining collection of essays edited by Eric Hobsbawm and entitled The Invention of Tradition [1983, Canto, latest printing 2005] will be [...]

Fixing a Loose Canon

John Hunwicke on the importance of Canon A4 Canon A4, without any distinction of gender, says that all those ordained ‘ought to be accounted, both by themselves and others, to be truly bishops, priests, or deacons.’ Is A4 still in [...]

Now that reminds me

Martin Browning castigates clerical anecdotes And by the way, Vicar, my doctor has told me that I have only about a week to live.’ To which the reply comes, ‘Really? I remember someone that happened to when I was a [...]

That fateful preface

George Austin offers some personal insights into the controversy surrounding the sorry state of church appointments in the late Eighties especially as it came to light in 1987 On 3 December 1987, the 1987/8 edition of Crockford’s Clerical Directory was [...]

More TEA, Vicar?

What structural solution is the Guildford Group likely to offer? John Shepley has been reading the tea leaves and senses a depressingly inadequate understanding of what will be needed How could a group with a member called Tetley come up [...]

Provincial obduracy

No one has yet put forward a satisfactory structural solution to solve the present impasse other than a new province. Stuart Seaton takes the House of Bishops to task for its apparent unwillingness properly to consider this option It is [...]

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