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Touching Place

PETER, WOOTTEN WAWEN, WARKS   Wootten Wawen is one of those complicated buildings that rewards careful attention. At its core is a Saxon central tower, around which has grown a series of accretions. The 11th c. nave and chancel have [...]

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Hail Holy Queen!

John Gayford considers the Marian antiphons to be sung after Compline   Salve Regina and her three companions are often called the Marian Anthems or Antiphons. They are:   Alma Redemptoris Mater (‘Gracious Mother of our Redeemer’) which is sung [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe explores some Handel   Back from the Handel Festival in Göttingen, where my son Walter directed the opera this year - Rodrigo, written when Handel was 22 and replete with marvellous music of which quite a bit he [...]

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A Courtyard in Jerusalem

Ann George encounters an uplifting celebration    When I left the courtyard that Sunday morning at about 7:30 the sky was a clear pale blue and the air was quite still although fresh on my face. It took me 20 [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton considers manuals of devotion   Compiling one’s own book of devotion for private use has long been a practice in Anglican devotion and there are a number of classical examples of such purely devotional manuals which reflect not [...]

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June Diary

Thurifer gets musical   To say that John Bridcut makes documentaries fails to scratch the surface of his achievements. He specializes in musicians: studies of Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Edward Elgar, Parry (with Prince Charles) with occasional excursions elsewhere, notably a film [...]

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Views, Reviews and Previews

Art   EDvard Munch:  Love and Angst Rembrandt:  Thinking on Paper British Museum Munch until 21 July 2019 Rembrandt until 4 August 2019   Edvard Munch was born into a prosperous family in Christiana, or Oslo as it became in [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith raises a glass on Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday   I was a bit surprised at how little was made of Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday at the end of last month. I realize that it’s easier to celebrate a [...]

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2019 continues to be a year in which it is dangerous to be a Christian. Not, perhaps for us here in the United Kingdom but around the world each day our brothers and sisters in Christ face horrific persecution. In [...]

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