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Entering the Fray EARLIER THIS YEAR in 'The Times' Clifford Longley questioned the emphasis of certain public pronouncements on penal reform by the Bishop of Lincoln. Longley saw the Bishop to the Prisons as being unduly influenced by sociological constructions [...]

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FiF Update

Stuck for transport to Christ our Future? Are you looking for a spare seat on a coach that is leaving from your area? Are you running a coach and have some spare places? If you answer yes to either of [...]

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Episcopacy Anew

A Tribute from the Durham Chapter of Our Lady and St. Cuthbert On the Retirement of the Bishop of Beverley There was a ripple of sadness throughout the Northern Province when Bishop John Gaisford announced that he was retiring. It [...]

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Robert Beaken takes another look at the Scott-Joynt proposals THE DISCUSSION document from the House of Bishops' Working Party 'Marriage In Church After Divorce' was published on the day I began a late post-Christmas break. As a general rule I [...]

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THE PEOPLE'S HYMN THE PRIME MINISTER has had several things on his plate since first taking office. But now he is half way through what he sees as his first term, it is time to apply the Downing Street mind [...]

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One Thing Leads to Another One of the main arguments made in defense of homosexual partnerships is this: Most heterosexual persons today expect marriage to bring them personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Thus, if they do not find this fulfillment in [...]

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Letter from Australia

Yesterday's Men ARE THE "LIBERAL CATHOLIC" leaders of the Anglican Church of Australia already yesterday's men? This question is being asked all over the country as Anglicans ponder the recent episcopal elections in Tasmania and Melbourne. For some time conservative [...]

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Selling Skodas Last month I was asked to write an article for a Christian publication about why people in our churches aren't interested in mission. There does seem to be something of a crisis today and there are times when [...]

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An anonymous correspondent offers words of comfort to Dr Beaver Dear Bill, I HOPE YOU will forgive me for writing to you, but I do so in sympathy for the buffeting you have been receiving in New Directions, simply for [...]

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