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FiF Update

IMPORTANT CHANGE IN ADVERTISING POLICY Owing to pressure on space in New Directions each month, the Editorial Board and Forward in Faith have decided, with regret, to terminate the free Newsbytes service with effect from the June issue. In its [...]

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Thirty Days

STONES OUT WHEN the Bishop of Bristol, Barry Rogerson, announced his new "woman" priest, Carol (nee Peter) Stone, he declared that he had made enquiries and there were no theological objections. Not for the first time in his colourful and [...]

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Letter from Australia

For the sake of the Gospel ONE OF THE THINGS that happened in Australia as elsewhere during the ordination of women debate was that capital "R" reformed evangelicals of the Sydney kind and Anglo-catholics found themselves opposed to "liberal catholics" [...]

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Letter from America

Watching For the Time THE PRIMATES MEETING has come and gone, and the critique of what happened and didn't happen is mixed in the minds of traditionalists on this side of the Atlantic. Two things are clearly agreed upon. One [...]

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Synod Insider

Cash-flow Ecclesiology WHEN I WAS at University someone in the Faculty of Social Sciences once said that Economics was a strange subject. "You see," he said, "we sometimes set the same question for O levels (that dates him), A levels [...]

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The WAY we live NOW

Present Imperative - Past Indicative IT IS THE HABIT of today's revisionist Christians to re-invent the past. Two articles in this edition (my own piece on pages 7ff., and the lead article by Professor Davies on pages 34) devote themselves [...]

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George Austin on the recent meeting of Primates in North Carolina IT WOULD be mischievous to judge the recent Primates' Meeting by the entertainment provided at the dinner hosted by the Presiding Bishop of ECUSA and Mrs Griswold, when guests [...]

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Rodney Schofield tries on a few proverbs for size PROVERBS, even wisecracks, play a more important part in African cultures than in Europe. Many of the minibuses that ply their trade carry a message to the public, blazoned in front [...]

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John Thurmer revisits a familiar topic WE KNOW at if the Church of England consecrates women bishops the present arrangement for the episcopal oversight of those opposed to women's ordination will not serve. Provincial Episcopal Visitors ('flying bishops') are suffragans [...]

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Playing Out of Tune?

IT SEEMED for one dreadful moment last month that the American principle of Diocesan Autonomy had arrived in our own beloved CofE. On 6th March, the following news item appeared on the front page of The Daily Telegraph: The ban [...]

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