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FiF Update

Ten Glorious Years It is an extraordinary thing to relate, but Forward in Faith is ten years old this November! The Forward in Faith Council has a number of projects planned to celebrate this auspicious event, but one in particular [...]

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Media Watch

Food of Divine Love George Austin on the power of sacred music After Mass on Christmas morning, we drove over to Chester for lunch with our son’s in-laws, listening to Classic FM as we went. The 114 miles took a [...]

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Ian Hardie on the Problems in Scotland It is, perhaps, difficult for members of the Church of England to realize how life in the unestablished Scottish Episcopal Church differs from their own. Much of this difference has its origin in [...]

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Old age, St George and the end of the world GOING AGAINST THE STREAM Ethical Aspects of Ageing and Care Peter Jeffrey Gracewing, 282pp, pbk 0 85244 541 5, £14.99 Alleluia! Sanity at last. No, I have not just resigned [...]

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Where Have the Charismatics Gone? Any history of the Church in our time must come to terms with the charismatic renewal that began to touch the non-Pentecostal churches in the late 1960s. Of course, the renewal had its antecedents. In [...]

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Frank, and very Earnest It is true that this magazine has, from time to time, indulged in parody. But we know when we are outclassed. The following – from the pen of Pluriform Frank, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal [...]

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Thinking outside the box The Church of England, like any other branch of the Civil Service, is not noted for its radical approaches to the tasks it faces. Having been around for a very long time, there is an inbuilt [...]

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The Way We Live Now

What’s in a name? The young woman approached me after Mass and asked about baptism. We made arrangements to meet and, as you do, I asked the name of the child. ‘How delightful,’ I said in response. ’I am sure [...]

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Thirty Days

GRAS(S)ED UP GRAS, the small feminist lobby group, has begun an amusing and utterly predictable campaign to stop Richard Chartres becoming the ABC. Its members have been urged to write to Number 10 and fulminate against the wicked sexist CofE [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

This is the Day Mark Frank is not as well known as other Caroline divines and has no entry in the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. His extant works comprise two volumes of sermons in the Library of Anglo-Catholic [...]

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