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FiF Update

NEW OFFICES FOR FORWARD IN FAITH Forward in Faith is moving house! With immediate effect, our address etc. is: 2A THE CLOISTERS GORDON SQUARE LONDON WC1H 0AG TELEPHONE: 020 7388 3588 FACSIMILE: 020 7387 3539 E-MAIL: FiF.UK@forwardinfaith.com Prepaid Envelopes . [...]

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Thrones and Dominions George Austin on a fresh start The day before Rowan Williams’ enthronement, The Times published a thoughtful article by its former editor, Simon Jenkins. He is always readable, whether in his masterly survey of English Churches, for [...]

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The Church in Ethiopia and Revolutionary France THE ARCHEOLOGY OF CHRISTIANITY IN AFRICA Niall Finneran Tempus, 192pp, pbk 0 7524 2510 2, £19.99 Having had a daughter who studied Social Anthropology at LSE, who on day one learnt the mantra [...]

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Stay Focussed It is not unusual to hear the complaint, even among supporters of Forward in Faith, that we are still focused on the issues of 1992 when we should be channelling our energies into more productive areas like evangelism, [...]

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Swords and Plowshares Quintin Morrow writing on the brink of war They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore (Micah 4.3). [...]

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Synod Insider

Young Disciples One of my favourite Andy Capp cartoon strips has Andy Capp just waking up as Florrie brings him his early morning cuppa. ‘They are always inventing things,’ he moans, ‘but why can’t they invent something useful? Like another [...]

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The Way We Live Now

Statistical Anxiety I have long since abandoned deanery synods to their own sad fate. Badly chaired by people considerably one’s junior, and conducted in windswept church halls inaccessible by public transport, they give credence to that apocryphal saying of Jesus [...]

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GEOFFREY KIRK RIP For a brief moment bishops’ expenses were in danger of going into orbit. Episcopal butlers rushed to order celebratory champers as the mid-March broadsheets fell open at the obituaries. There it was, a sight to rejoice liberal [...]

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