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All for Christ

Alan Rabjohns reviews the recent DVD [see advert on p.29] on the religious life Thank you. That must be the first response to this DVD: thank you to RooT and to the communities involved for the vision that led to [...]

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arts, books, other reviews

PICASSO Challenging the Past National Gallery, London Until 7 March Admission £12, concessions £11 This is an exhibition of contrasts. On one side there are the people viewing the pictures and alongside them the whole apparat of academic commentators and [...]

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Canada Rebuild the Ship? Reflections from a troubled shore Every so often, one of the various bubbles of our ignorance is burst as the truth catches us by surprise, leaving us pleasantly (or otherwise) aware of some new aspect of [...]

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Forward in Faith update

Progress of the Legislation Apologies to readers for an inexplicable slip in last months table giving the possible progress of the legislation to ordain women as bishop. For reasons too byzantine to go into here, the third box in the [...]

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30 days

Crying wolf? Curious that, after mentioning Ann Holmes Redding last month (who, you'll recall, claims to be both an episcopal priest and a Muslim), she should have hit the headlines again last month - not just once, but twice! First, [...]

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Touching Place

st faith, little witchingham, Norfolk Medieval pilgrims encountered strange and new devotions to unfamiliar saints, devotions that they often took home with them. This may well have been how this small church, deep in the Norfolk countryside, came to be [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on the visceral hatred shown by Western liberals for Pope Benedict It is time, I think, to come clean. Regular readers of this column will probably have guessed it by now; but it is as well to [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on poetry and vision in John Keble John Keble (29 March) was a creative artist and lived at that creative centre which is Christ and the Church. Christ and the Church can never be separated because Christ is [...]

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Sacred vision

The harrowing of hell, 1500 This depiction of the harrowing of hell is taken from a book for private devotion, painted in 1500 by the school known as the Circle of the Master of Antoine Rolin. It is presented as [...]

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Scourging mockery

The Gospel writers are reluctan t to describe Jesus' scourging, but his mockery is recorded in detail Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Once Pilate hands Jesus over for death, all discussion [...]

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