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Go east young man

Richard Norman travels to Istanbul; or was it Constantinople? You may be holidaying in Istanbul, remarked a friend, but your companion (no less than the editor of this august magazine) is almost certainly on his way to Constantinople. Although culturally [...]

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views, reviews and previews

DIALOGUE WITH NATURE Romantic Landscapes from Britain and Germany Courtauld Institute Admission £6, concessions available VAN GOGH Sunflowers National Gallery Admission free Both until 27 April ON THE surface, literally speaking, these two small exhibitions could not be more different. [...]

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Spin and speed

So here we are fruit of Adam’s loins, Treading earth’s fragile crust so carefully, As we spin and speed through time and space Into eternity. And as we spin and speed, Sparks fly, Saints, sages, men of letters, Artists, poets, [...]

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The question of Europe

J. Alan Smith on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union Current discussion on Europe concentrates on whether there should be a referendum in 2017 to decide, after some adjustments to the constitution of the European Union (EU), whether [...]

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Call the midwife

Student midwife Bekkie Howe witnesses the strength of faith in the Philippines I recently embarked on an adventure to the Philippines as part of an elective placement, for my Midwifery Degree, which I am currently studying at Keele University: I [...]

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Time for a return?

Digby Anderson reflects on the relationship between the Church and synodical democracy Anglo-Catholics are constantly being urged, not least in this magazine, to be active in defence of their convictions. This activism includes getting on synods, organizing candidates, signing petitions, [...]

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‘In praise of folly’?

Holy Week, then Eastertide’s 40 days draw near. Times in which to appreciate the wisdom of God in redemption. But only April 1st to celebrate mankind’s folly. Doesn’t our present age, which stresses equal rights, demand more days to recall [...]

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