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Book Reviews: August 1997

CATENA AUREA, A Commentary on the Four Gospels collected out of the works of the Fathers by St Thomas Aquinas, translated and edited by John Henry Newman, 1841, published with a new introduction by Aidan Nichols OP, Saint Austin Press, [...]


CAKES AND CONGREGATIONALISM IN JULY THIS YEAR the Court of Appeal upheld a claim by Southwark Diocese that the Church of England does not actually employ the clergy whom it can, nevertheless, deprive of their livelihood - surely an extreme [...]

30 DAYS: AUGUST 1997

CANTUAR The congregation of Loyal Presbyters, who gathered for the Canterbury Diocesan Conference, went home in good heart this year. Greatly encouraged by the Primate’s assurance that, contrary to the miserable prognostications of the gloom mongers, the Anglican Communion is [...]

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