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August 2000 The theme of the Denver Convention of the Episcopal Church of the United States was officially designated by its Presiding Bishop, Frank Tracey Griswold III as one of 'Jubilee' [see David Mills, Letter from America, page 23]. The [...]

Letter from Australia

A RECENT Four Corners documentary on Australian national television examined what it described as a "power battle" between liberal theologians and evangelicals that threatens > to break apart the Anglican Church" in this country. (A transcript of the program can [...]


Vote! Vote! Vote! AS SYNOD WAS PROROGUED in July there was a touch of sadness since over 100 of us will not be returning in November. That is the hundred who have decided not to stand again, but there will [...]

Thirty Days

CRÈME DE LA CREM The recent articles on funerals have prompted a spate of unforgettable clerical bon mots from the crem. sent in by congregational victims and Death Industry Operatives among our readers. The Call to Faith: "Trust in God [...]

Bill’s Briefing

Recent leaks from Downing Street to the Murdoch Press have seemed to many observers to be part of a concerted campaign to undermine the Government. This month's Bill's Briefing comprises a similar leak. New Directions, in traditional journalistic fashion, is [...]


Two Religions on Carmel AT THE end of the Episcopal Church’s General Convention in Phoenix nine years ago — we suffer them for ten days every three years — the Episcopal Synod of America noted that “?There are two religions [...]


Robbie Low girds up his loins and patrols the suburban top shelves I HAVE JUST done something that I haven't done since I was 15 years old. I went into a newsagent and purchased some dirty magazines. For those of [...]


Jonathan Redvers Harris looks at the Blackburn Report on the way the Act of Synod has been "working out as a matter of pastoral practice" IN A REPORT which contains much that is commendable - for example, the material on [...]


A report on a recent Consultation at St George's House, Windsor A CONSULTATION was held at St George's House, Windsor Castle, from 10 to 12 April 2000. The Consultation was sponsored by the Centre for the Study of the Christian [...]


Andrew Burnham describes the dynamic of a disappointing Synod, which lived up to no-one's expectations THE JULY session of the General Synod in York left Catholics, and others in the Church of England, with much to think about. In the [...]

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