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FiF Update

Forward in Faith Australia Stephen Parkinson, Forward in Faith's National Director, and Fr Geoffrey Kirk, National Secretary, were in Brisbane towards the end of last month for the second National Conference of Forward in Faith Australia. The Conference took place [...]

Media Watch

Present Mirth George Austin asks what, if anything, is funny A friend who was a canon at a parish church cathedral in the North of England had a monthly communion round. Always he had to end it at the home [...]

Malawi Mailing

Rodney Schofield reflects on faith, Aids and the future In the middle of Zomba is a government-funded poster of a young woman brushing off a young man, apparently on heat, with the words No condom, No way. The irony is [...]


1992 – The Long Goodbye Looking back over the last nine years to the introduction of women priests in the Anglican Church of Australia, it is obvious that the orthodox have been victims of spin doctoring at the highest level. [...]


Feminist Patience topples off her monument! It had to happen sooner or later. Given the conviction of some people that women priests and bishops (and a whole raft of other novelties) are simply a question of ‘natural justice’, add the [...]

The Way We Live Now

Light up the Fire The inner city heat of Lewisham drives the urban vicar to his garden. Mine, I should add, is a narrow strip between a seven foot brick wall and the adjacent Parish Hall (a wooden construction of [...]

Thirty Days

BURNISHED REFURBISHED The latest financial cutbacks by the Church Commissioners were advertised recently in that most unlikely ecclesiastical organ, the Daily Mail. A double page spread photo feature, entitled ‘POTTY SHEDS’, gave a delightful view of what the eccentric Englishman [...]

Go East young man

Robbie Low performs a volte face Forty years ago, the Western Church began a voyage of discovery with its liturgy. Vatican II was mining the walls of Tridentine certainty and laying the foundations for the Protestant displacement of the universal [...]

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