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Brief Encounter 'Contacts and Control' George Austin on the abuse of the Pastoral Measure I am, I have decided, a nerd. No, I am not one of those be-anoraked men who stand on railway platforms collecting train numbers. (Why, I [...]

In Time of War

Derek Vogt reflects on a recent visit to the Holy Land In August 2001, the Archbishop of Canterbury issued a statement exhorting Christians from all parts of the world to return to the Holy Land. He said that our (Christian) [...]

Book Reviews

A new Bible translation and new light on old liturgy THE BIBLE – ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION Harper Collins, various editions Unlikely though it may seem, I have for some time now been seriously thinking that the English-speaking world needed a [...]


Relationship Reflections Long ago in a university psychology class I was surprised to hear the lecturer speak of the first three years of life as the most formative period for the establishment of relationship skills. She even said that, for [...]

Letter from America

Tarzan follows Jane THE elaborate consecration of former San Diego Dean, John B Chane, at Washington National Cathedral on June 1 set the tone for the new diocesan ‘administration’ with a ‘dream team’ of liberal headliners, one of whom called [...]


Getting below the surface Elsewhere in this issue of New Directions, George Austin is taking a swipe at Synod. I suppose he can afford to do so as he is no longer a member – and Synod did seem singularly [...]


Who’s with the Woolwich? A London bishop has recently concluded a remarkable exercise. Colin Buchanan, Bishop of Woolwich (‘the world’s leading evangelical liturgist’ as he was recently described on an American web-site), has visited all ninety-three parishes in his Area [...]


MOTHER SUPERIOR The day before the English football team was ' lobbed' out of the World Cup, the newspapers were presented with one of those embarrassing own goals so beloved of the CofE. The Bishop of Southwell's chaplain, a member [...]

Rooted and grounded in Faith

The eighth annual conference for 'Religious of orthodox Tradition' (Root) met at Saint Stephen's House, Oxford, for two days in June. Representatives from thirteen different Communities were joined by an observer from the Church in Wales, and also by the [...]


A Scriptural Mind For Athanasius Scripture is all sufficient for the declaration of divine truth and the instruction of our people in the way of salvation. In these alone is proclaimed the doctrines of godliness. Let no man add to [...]

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