/August 2003 Articles

A Note to Nazir-Ali

Dear Michael, It must be a relief that your commission is drawing towards the close of its business. February is not too far away now. Poor old Martin Davy, struggling away at making sense of the incoherence of it all! [...]

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War and Peace: Aphrahat and Ephraim No new thing War in the Gulf area is no new thing. It was as troubled in the fourth century as now and certainly the Christians in the Roman Empire and beyond had a [...]

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Beyond Belief

Robbie Low suggests we have been looking in the wrong direction In all the excitement about the appointment and disappointment of the Bishop of Reading, one major factor seems to have slipped off the radar of most of the protagonists [...]

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Diocesan Power Play

Looking back it seems extraordinary, not that Church Commissioners and dioceses should have sold so much of the CofE’s assets, but that they should have sold it for so little, in some cases almost giving it away. It may have [...]

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What Butler never saw This year marks the centenary of the publication of Samuel Butler’s The Way of All Flesh, though it was written much earlier. I shall make no further reference to this work. The writer, however, almost succeeds [...]

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Truth & Tolerance

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet's Pastoral Letter for June 2003 I HAD hoped that my Ascension Day press statement, published on the Ebbsfleet website, would be all I needed to say about the nomination of Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading. [...]

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Wrong Rites

The strange world of modern Anglican blessings The Diocese of New Westminster in Canada has devised a rite which it calls ‘The Celebration of a Covenant’. It seems to be intended to bless the physical union of gays and lesbians; [...]

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The Gospel of Hope

Bishop Paul Richardson the good news of the Church ‘As I stepped through the Holy Door at the beginning of the Great Year of Jubilee,’ writes Pope John Paul II, ‘I held high the Book of the Gospels, to show [...]

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Alice (not the one who went Through the Looking-glass, but the rather more specialist female who was ‘at it again’ in the Noel Coward song) ‘thought, when considering the birds and the bees, that things might have been organized better’. [...]

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