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Faith of our Fathers

Successors of the apostles From the second century onwards there is clear evidence as to a rule exercised by the Church’s bishops. In principle we see it in Timothy, Titus and Paul. Everywhere the bishop holds an authority by divine [...]

Teaching Preaching

Eschatological, extra-Biblical, intertestamental; the Pentateuch, Psalter, Synoptics and Yahweh, to name but seven. These characters, the connoisseur will not be surprised to know, have been spotted in sermons in impeccably orthodox churches within recent memory. But it is less than [...]

Divided we fall

Robbie Low on 'sola scriptura' and the privatization of the faith The curse of Protestantism is division. The very nature of its origins, self-understanding and approach to the Word of God are inherently schismatic. That, to many of our readers [...]


Team Spirit? As the Church of England moves towards the formal debate about women in the episcopate there are a number of options for the way forward. This month we examine a radical proposal: team or group episcopacy. There are [...]


I was talking with an Evangelical friend the other day about our enjoyment of the Fact and Faith films for children, produced in the early Sixties. I particular remember the demonstrations on electricity and the pictures of outer space. We [...]

Mary and John

Patrick Henry Reardon on a significant relationship Alone among the evangelists, St John informs us that ‘standing by the cross of Jesus were his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus saw [...]

Monastic Foundations

Benedictine Buildings: Some Contrasts A two-week pilgrimage into Benedictine sites in three countries is a remarkable and rather overwhelming experience, and one is left with enough richness and variety of impressions and ideas to last a lifetime. However, the literary, [...]

GCSE failures

John Edmonson on General Curriculum and Scriptural Education It is axiomatic to this series about theological education as delivered by the Regional Theological Courses, that one of the pressing requirements of the contemporary Church of England is to train future [...]

Uncertain Provisions

‘Provisionality’, writes Dr Mary Tanner, in a recent assessment of the forthcoming FiF Report Consecrated Women? (available from October, visit www.forwardinfaith.com), ‘was not understood in the Anglican Communion discussions, or in the Church of England official reports, to mean the [...]


Christian Unity and ‘Boundless Trust in Christ’ A setback … What a grace! What a test! There is some inner meaning which escapes us and which we must adore in love! Our march towards Unity has just taken a great [...]

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