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To the point

VI Ordering of music in church The organist at our church insists on filling every moment in the liturgy with music and will not play anything written since 1958 (the death of Vaughan Williams). Supported by the choir, he says [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Poetry & prayer Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Reading and reflecting on poetry is an excellent way to open up the mind and the imagination to the life of the spirit. Poetry makes connections between daily [...]

Don’t revise yet

John Hunwicke urges his brother priests not to start printing new mass booklets for their parishes just yet I do hope and trust that Reverend Fathers have received their 2008 ORDO safe and sound, and have not spotted too many [...]

What comes naturally

Hugh Baker inveighs against the Enlightenment doctrine of The Essential Goodness of Man and exhorts us to remember the naturalness of sin and the pervasive ease of its addiction 'I would be invidious to single out I the play of [...]

Call the plumber!

Giles Pinnock is dismayed at the lack of commitment to ecumenism displayed throughout much of the CofE, and calls for a fresh start At a recent ecumenical event, I, aged forty, was - bar one or two possible exceptions - [...]

The God we trust II

Simon Heans continues his examination of the limitations and dangers of the idea of general divinity hat he finds expressed in Rowan Williams' Tokens of Trust The present article is a sequel to one that appeared in last months New [...]

Seeking holiness

After reading Rowan William's Silence and Honey Cakes, Paul Griffin considers the role of evangelism in the life of a Christian and disagrees with the apparent consensus 'The first duty of a Christian,' said our eminent Father in God, 'is [...]

Face ’em down

When Mark 'Shirty' Shirtliff took on the Hare & Hounds on Church Street, Booty Bridge, the pub was in the doldrums. It had acquired a reputation as a drugs' den and was subject to several police raids during the 1990s. [...]

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