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Climate change

Simon Evans describes the origins and aims of the Catholics for Growth project What will enable a church to grow and become strong, rather than vulnerable to a sometimes predatory diocesan hierarchy? How can we reverse the trend that sees [...]

One flesh union

John Richardson examines biblical teaching on marriage, and in particular the treatment of this subject in Ephesians 5, which has additional significance as the basis for a fundamental objection to women's ordination As the Roman Catholic theologian Edward Schillebeeckx observes [...]

Need for bishops

The third part of Bishop Martyn Jarrett's talk delivered in April seems of another age after the Synod vote but it still gives a clear and simple explanation of what type of provision is needed For me to remain a [...]

Voting details

With the introduction of an electronic voting system at the General Synod in York, it is possible to put names to numbers. The 14 bishops who voted for the Bishop of Winchester's motion, including the reaffirmation of the Lambeth 1998 [...]

Rhode Island update

John D Alexander describes his experience as the only rector of a Catholic parish in a diocese with a woman bishop and gives a warning against setting too much store by a supposed Code of Practice It should probably come [...]

Two good men

William Davage and Barry Orford offer some personal reflections on the lives of two champions for unity: Henry Chadwick (1921-2008) and Dom Philibert Zobal (1921-2008) The Chapter of Pusey House heard the news of the death of Professor Henry Chadwick, [...]

1914 revisited

The Church of England today, following the General Synod's broad acceptance of the ordination of women bishops, reminds me of Europe in the summer of 1914. Recall the sequence of events that led to the First World War: a Serbian [...]

Bitterness voted

George Austin sums up the salient points of the York Synod's discussion and then debate on what provision to make for those unable to accept women bishops The sun shone as the General Synod began its July meeting at York [...]

Honour code

One thing was absolutely clear, within the labyrinthine complexities of the Manchester Report, namely that a Code of Practice would, from our point of view, be entirely irrelevant. Since it could not, by its very nature, offer anything of any [...]

Where we go now

Mark Stevens considers the ways forward in faith after the General Synod debacle of July 7th rejecting all structural provision for traditionalists Meeting in Canterbury on the fringes of the Lambeth Conference, the Council of Forward in Faith, a democratic [...]

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