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America TEC GENERAL CONVENTION That letter Dear Archbishop Williams, We are writing to you as the Presiding Officers of the two Houses of The General Convention of The Episcopal Church. As your friends in Christ, we remain deeply grateful to [...]

Forward in Faith update

National Assembly When we all met at Central Hall, Westminster for the first Forward in Faith National Assembly way back in September 1994, our detractors were all quite certain that Forward in Faith was but a very temporary organisation. How [...]

letter to the editor

The real contribution of Anglo-Catholicism From Fr Alan Cooke There are many good things in Bp Andrew Burnham's article in the July issue. He gives due praise to the work for vocations and for children and young people which goes [...]

30 days

Episcopal gravy train? After the scrutiny of the expenses claims of Members of the House of Commons, it is only right that the House of Lords should not escape - particularly those bishops who belong to the best club in [...]

Touching Place

ST HELEN, BRANT BROUGHTON Most travellers don't see Lincolnshire, but pass through it on the way to somewhere else. It is a big, empty county, full of awesome churches, whether in the eastern marshes or rising above the western plain. [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on the cautionary tale of the death of Michael Jackson and what it tells us about the preoccupations of modern America Fairy stories, as Stephen Sondheim demonstrated in his brilliant compilation Into the Woods, only end happily ever [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on transfiguration in Michael Ramsey Speaking in a retreat Michael Ramsey quotes the historian Toynbee's description of the true attitude of transfiguration in a declining and frustrated civilization. Transfiguration is accepting 'the situation just as it is and [...]

Sacred vision

Arte or Crafte to Lyve Well The medieval media and the modern digital media are both rich with colour. They are separated by the centuries of print, when black and white reigned supreme, which reign is now in rapid decline, [...]

Correcting Jesus

The rhetorical skills of a Gentile woman illuminate an aspect of salvation history Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity It is instructive to observe the reactions of those to whom Jesus spoke [...]


Gardening sense Chris Collins The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all evildoers, and they will throw them into the furnace of fire.' Jesus' parable of [...]

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